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Hello!  My name is Susan and I am so grateful you’ve stopped by.

This FREE resources hub has been set up for you to access a sampling of the kinds of practices that our special Energy Oasis community of women practice regularly together.

They are designed to help you develop a range of “mini-muscles” in the ALL of you.  As you bring your mind, body, heart and spirit along on your journey of health, it becomes more possible for you to access the health and wholeness you long for.

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Practices for how you want to feel….

* Accomplished *

Do you want to feel like you’re making progress.  And the juice of accomplishment?  Take some time to acknowledge you with this practice: I FEEL accomplished

* Calm *

Are you longing for more calm and peace in your life.  Support your heart and your body with this practice with this restorative practice: I FEEL calm

* Invigorated*

A great pick-me-up practice.  Use this practice as a way to re-connect with your body, boost your energy and bring of your energetic goodness to the task at hand: I FEEL invigorated

* Strong *

Are you looking to feel strong and brave and strengthen your courage?  Then this is the practice for you to connect with your power and get curious about what may be holding you back:  I FEEL strong


What energizes you?

Get curious about what raises and lowers your energy with this Awareness Practice: Energy In Energy Out

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We believe that we have not done enough, and stay on the treadmill of staying busy “doing” health.  And I would just like you to know that you actually know and are doing more than you give yourself credit for.  Take some time to acknowledge you with this free e-book: Health is IN you e-book