Books & Resources

Here are the books consulted for the development of this course.

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Week One

A great read from HuffPost on the benefits of singing in the car.

Psychologists Explain Why It Feels so Good to Sing in the Car

Week Two

This book is a total must have.  Honestly it’s a game changer.  Actually anything from Brene Brown will help you uncover (and recover from) so much of the cultural conditioning that is heaped on us.

This book is my practice “bible”.  It’s an advanced read but it’s solid.  If you’re committed to life long learning you’ll use this the rest of your life – I promise.

I referenced this book as a part of my own self-care plan.

The following two books were referenced in #cozyseats.

Week Four

This article (shared with permission) inspired the 3-2-1 practice.

Three Purposeful Questions I Ask Myself Each Night

Week Five

The Best Tool Ever…. O. F. N. R

Week Six

This book approaches food from a fresh and helpful perspective.